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Our studio welcomes students with a variety of abilities, interests, and backgrounds. Our goal is to offer a safe and inclusive space for all individuals regardless of age, body type, or gender, to be able to explore their own movement and bodies beyond everyday limitations. This is a shame-free space and we expect that all students, instructors, and staff members alike to respect this "rule", others, and themselves. We have an open door policy so please feel free to talk to any one of us, or e-mail, if you are aware of any incident that is not encouraging a shame-free environment. We promise to do our best to resolve any situation while ensuring your anonymity. 

Please respect the space by keeping outdoor shoes in the front lobby, returning items used in class to their proper homes, and keeping food outside of the pole and aerial rooms. 


We run cellphone-free classes at The Studio (emergencies not withstanding). Classes are for cultivating skill, empowerment, strength, and fun, not for FaceBooking or trying to obtain the highest number of Instagram followers. After classes are finished there will be a 10-minute period where you can film, photograph, and live your best media life - and cultivate all those Instagram followers!


We kindly ask that you show up 10-15 minutes early before your class. This will allow for enough time to sign in, prepare yourself for class, and guarantee that you do not miss the opportunity to take class if doors are locked once class is in progress.


There may be classes where you will be sharing an apparatus with a (new or old) friend - please share the floor. We learn not only through doing but through observing others too!


We ask that you respect your instructor and fellow classmates by following the warm-up and class plan rather than chit chatting or trying your own cool moves (check out our schedule for open pole and aerial times for this purpose!).

Please be courteous of classes in session while waiting in the front entrance. You are more than welcome to use our bathroom facility while classes are running, but please move discretely in an effort to make minimal disruption.



Please plan to show up 15 minutes early in order to be signed in and prepare for class. Doors will remain locked once classes are in progress. If you arrive after the class has started you will be unable to join at this time. This is for your safety, as well as the instructors’ and other students, as a proper warm-up is the most important part of class. Please refer to our cancellation policy for more information regarding late cancelation/no show fees.


Due to a limited number of spots in our scheduled classes, and as a courtesy to your fellow pole dancers and aerialists, we ask that you cancel/reschedule at least 6 HOURS PRIOR to the start time of your class in order to keep the credit for your class (class package holders) or be spared a late cancellation fee (membership holders) if you are unable to attend.  If you do not cancel before this 6 hour period, arrive late, or if you are a no-show to the class, class package holders will lose this credit while membership holders will be charged a $15 late cancellation fee to their credit card on file. If there is a medical reason for any of the above, e-mail us at with appropriate documentation. Otherwise, we are unfortunately unable to make exceptions to this policy.

Workshops and series fall under the same cancellation policies as our regular classes.


A 24-HOUR cancellation policy applies to our PRIVATE CLASSES and PARTIES (downpayment non-refundable). Cancelling a private class or party after this 24-hour period will result in the loss of your downpayment ($20 for private classes, and 50% of total party price)


If you are on the waitlist for a class, we recommend that you schedule this in your day as if you have already been added into class. Waitlist clients fall under the same cancellation and no-show policy as registered student. Please make sure to remove yourself off the waitlist 6 HOURS PRIOR to the start of class time if there is a chance you will be unable to attend. For example, if you are first on the waitlist and another student early cancels 7 hours before class starts, you will automatically be added into class (an automatic e-mail will be sent - so keep your eyes peeled!) and will be subject to the same cancellation and no-show policies as other students. It is advised to treat any waitlisted class as if it is already on your schedule to ensure that it is not forgotten.


Classes may be cancelled if enrolment is lower than 2 students. Classes with 1 or less students will be cancelled for instructors other than Anneke or Justine. Please note that this is a possibility and check your e-mails. If class is canceled, students will receive an e-mail 6 hours before the class start time.


  • be 14+ for regular scheduled classes. Proof of age will be required when signing waiver, while clients under the age of 18 will require parental consent and signature 

  • check in with front desk staff prior to entering class

  • wear appropriate clothing for class type. Check out our Classes page for more information on specific requirements

  • respect the no-cellphone rule during class

  • arrive on time

  • abide by our lotion-free pole class etiquette

  • allow the instructor to do the teaching. Tips that helped you to nail a specific move are more than welcome, but instructing other students in learning new moves is prohibited

For any other inquiries, please contact by e-mail at or by phone at (506) 232-2564