​Our Flexibility classes are open to all movers and non-movers alike. These hour and 15 minute classes allow our instructors to work through multiple areas of the body including hamstrings, shoulders, chest, calves, hip flexors, etc. Pressed for time? Our Core Flex Express class also includes a core strengthening component, and will leave you feeling stronger and more limber after only 1 hour. While these classes are taught and guided by a certified instructor, they are also self-lead in the sense that you know your body best. While not everyone's goal will be to sit their behind on their head, every person can strengthen, stretch, and mobilize their body in safe and more effective ways. Come stretch and lengthen your bodies with us!



This class draws from a traditional circuit framework and takes it to new heights. Cirque-it will incorporate a variety of apparatuses as exercise equipment. Just like in a traditional circuit class, students will move from one station to the next completing the assigned exercises. Not only will this class help build your strength, it will also directly translate to your training in the air.



Our Bottoms Up class focusses on the tools and techniques to get you on the path to a life of handstanding. In this class, expect to work on arm balancing, head and forearm stands, proper alignment, core work, and more!


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