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​Our Flexibility classes are open to all movers and non-movers alike. These hour and 15 minute classes allow our instructors to work through multiple areas of the body including hamstrings, shoulders, chest, calves, hip flexors, etc. While these classes are taught and guided by a certified instructor, they are also self-lead in the sense that you know your body best. While not everyone's goal will be to sit their behind on their head, every person can strengthen, stretch, and mobilize their body in safe and more effective ways. Come stretch and lengthen your bodies with us!



Our Bottoms Up class focusses on the tools and techniques to get you on the path to a life of handstanding. In this class, expect to work on arm balancing, head and forearm stands, proper alignment, core work, and more!


Body Blast combines strength and body-weight training with high-intensity interval training, for the ultimate cardio experience! This 45-minute class will increase your heart rate, work your whole body, and get you moving – all while having fun! Choose from lower- or higher-intensity options, and move at the pace that feels best for you. Upbeat music, a variety of movements, and a friendly atmosphere, all come together for the most fun you can have while sweating!



Put on your cheetah print and snake skin and catch the jungle fever! Animal Flow® is ground based movement, made fun, challenging and effective. Looking to work on your strength, flexibility, mobility, and coordination? Then this is the class for you! This all-levels class encourages you to access your power by tapping into your inner animal. Building from foundational movements, Animal Flow® offers variations and progressions in order to best tailor the movement to your body and needs. Whether you are looking for a full-body workout for cross-training purposes, or to experience the energy of a group fitness class, Animal Flow® has you covered!


Liquid Motion® is a method and style of dance and that looks at movement from the ground up, utilizing the floor as the apparatus. No previous experience in dance or aerials required for this floor work-based class. While Liquid Motion® was developed as an accessible, fun, and safe way of exploring movement and body, it is also designed to challenge you both physically and mentally in ways the traditional floor work and sensual movement classes have yet to do. Liquid Motion® is recognized around the world for its fluid, organic, and mesmerizing quality of movement. Because it was was created by real people, for real people, you are guaranteed to find success in exploring these methods with your own body and movement style. Must be 18+ to take this class.

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