Important Info

  • Where: The Studio - Aerial Arts & Fitness 

  • When: May 29th, 2021                                                                                        Beginner Heels 1:30-3:00PM & Lap Dance 3:30-5:00PM

  • Cost: $35.50 each (members receive 15% off)


In this workshop, the focus will be on exploring our range of movement in heels, with technique being the basis of the class. You will walk away with the foundation of skills needed to improve and grow your practice, with a hunger to do so.
Confidence is key when it comes to dancing in heels, and this class is here to celebrate YOU, just the way you are. We encourage uniqueness and inspire our students to be unapologetically themselves, leaving judgements at the door. This is an entirely safe space to allow yourself to explore whatever sexy may look and feel like to you.
This workshop will include:
•Technique and conditioning
•Tips for overall confidence and sensuality
And more!



This workshop will offer:
✨a sexy piece of choreography
✨a new perspective on performance for a partner
✨overall confidence, sensuality, and a new level of intimacy
✨tips and tricks for how to “succeed” in a performance such as a lap dance/strip tease


Shelby is a Canadian dancer, choreographer, performer, and certified yoga instructor based in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Her focus is in Commercial Heels, but her training over the years has extended to several other styles of dance and movement. Shelby has been performing since the age of three, consistently using the art of dance as a form of expression. Her passion for dance is what drives her ambition and is what ultimately led her to start her dance company, Out of My Shel, encouraging those of all backgrounds to step out of their shells to discover their sensual confidence through the power of dance.