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Where: The Studio - Aerial Arts & Fitness

When: May 31st - June 2nd

Cost: Workshops $92.50 +tax

            Intensive $325 +tax
(members receive 15% discount)

Friday, May 31st


Dance with Dan - Heels Flow

For those people who like to get down and dirty with the pole this class is for you! This is a routine class which will put your sexy side to the test. Come and get filthy on the pole with Dan and enjoy one of his signature heel choreo routines which he will teach us in this 1.5 hour class.


This class is suitable for all levels and includes some basic pole but is more focused on dance and base pole work.


Things you will need for this class: heels (encouraged but not mandatory), water, towel & knee pads.

Saturday, June 1st


Dan Rosen Pole Intensive

A day of intensive workshops with Dan Rosen. This day will be a day of pole fun with Mr Pole Dance UK himself. The 7.5 hour day includes Heels Choreo, Tricks and Transitions, Splits, Splitz Trix and more. These intensive courses are not to be missed as Dan only runs these classes at selected locations each year. Don’t miss out on the chance to have a full day of fun on the pole with Dan. 

Sunday, June 2nd


Dance with Dan - Dynamic Heels

​For those people who like to get down and dirty with pole this class is for you. This is a choreo class which will put you sexy side to the test. Come and get filthy on the pole with Dan and enjoy one of his signature dynamic heel choreo routines which he will teach us in this 1.5 hour class.


This class is suitable for people with reasonable experience dancing in heels. The choreo for dynamic heel is fast so isn't suitable for people newer to heels.


Things you will need for this class: Heels (encouraged but optional), water, towel & knee pads (leg warmers are also fine to use as knee pads) 


Dan's Favourite Combo's


This class will cover Dan's favourite combos which may have been seen in some of his performances. He will adapt the combo to each level of student to make it fun for all in class. Students are welcome to give moves which they like to do or would like to learn and Dan will try to help you create a combo around this trick. So not only will we get to learn Dan's combos, we will also get the techniques to learn how to make our very own combo's with moves which we love.


For this class you will ideally be working towards air inverts, shoulder mounts, superman, extended butterfly & gemnin/scorpio


Picture Perfect

In this workshop Dan will be teaching you his favourite picture perfect poses. The aim of this class will be to give you the confidence to move in and out of moves effortlessly. (Because there is no point in doing a trick if it's not gorgeous right?) Dan specializes in moves which not only look great, but moves which are ACHIEVABLE. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn some new and interesting tricks.


This class is Level 1 friendly! 


The Studio - Aerial Arts & Fitness is excited to offer a one-day intensive featuring three expert instructors. Whether you're looking to learn new skills or perfect your technique, these workshops are perfect for you. Join Ryder, CJ & Kyann for a day of fun, learning, and character-building in the world of burlesque!

Important Info

  • Where: The Studio - Aerial Arts & Fitness 

  • When: Sunday, March 24th from 11:30am - 5pm

  • Cost: $150 each (members receive 15% off)


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Ryder Wright (she/her) has been mystifying audiences since 2017. Beginning her burlesque journey on the Snap Burlesque stage, leading her into solo performances and eventually producing shows as Ryder Wright Productions! 

This over the top performer’s mission is always “Tell a story”. In this workshop you will learn the Who, What, When, Where and (most importantly) the Why of creating an act! Not only how to create a character, but how to stay in character! 

Ryder believes every second counts on that stage, and staying in your character even for your pauses, is important!  

In this workshop you will Learn how to create and stay in character during a performance, how to build a back story for your character and how to portray emotion to the audience. 

In this workshop please 

- Wear clothes you can move in, but also something that shows your performer persona!

- Bring water! (Ryders going to be putting you to work!)

- Be prepared to get outside your comfort zone! This isn’t your mothers burlesque work shop! 

This workshop will elevate the performer you already are! Build on your existing skills, and learn new tools to take your characterization to the next level! 


Come get weird with the Queen of Weird herself, Miss Ryder Wright!

Ryder Wright3_edited.jpg


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CJ (he/him) is a multi-passionate performing artist and creator with a varied background in improv, theatre, music, comedy, and drag. He loves combining these artforms to create unique theatrical experiences like his highly acclaimed ‘dragsicals’. CJ is known for his physicality on stage, bringing to life characters like LeFou in Beauty and the Beast, and Scuttle in The Little Mermaid (both with the Capitol Theatre). When not on stage, CJ loves teaching theatre classes and directing budding performers. He is all about bridging the gaps between art forms, and expanding the possibilities of live entertainment.

Mime is the ancient artform that allows us to convey ideas through our bodies and facial expressions, which is just as relevant and powerful today as it was during its inception. Pantomime takes this medium one step further, creating a more complex narrative. Through pantomime we can create fully fleshed out characters, and tell a full story from beginning to end with just our bodies and some instrumental music. CJ will walk you through the elements of physical storytelling, and you will work with your fellow participants to conceive and create a short group performance to be presented for the class.


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Kyann Pepper (she/her) embodies the art of balancing the corporate and creative worlds. By day, she delves into the craft of financial spreadsheets, and in the evenings finds herself immersed in the pursuit of a Bachelor of Business.

Beyond the numbers, Kyann is a skilled aerial artist and dedicated instructor at The Studio Aerial Arts and Fitness in Moncton, NB. Her commitment to uplifting others extends to her baby, TalentNB, a production company born from a lifelong entrepreneurial spirit. Since its 2022 inception, TalentNB has hosted numerous sold-out shows.

With a blend of professional poise and artistic flair, Kyann Pepper's journey is an inspiring fusion, where corporate chaos meets the vibrant canvas of creativity.

This workshop is dedicated to honing your stage presence and persona. Engage in the art of crafting sophisticated personas, stage names, and compelling bios that resonate with you and your audience. 

A unique opportunity to create, refine and redesign your image. Develop a tagline that captures the essence of your performance, leaving a lasting impression on every spectator. 

In addition to persona development, we will explore costuming and the use of pasties and tassels. Join us for an empowering journey into the world of burlesque.

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