Canadian Pole Fitness Association Beginner Pole Dance Instructor Certification Course

Important info

  • Location: The Studio Aerial Arts & Fitness

  • Address: 245 Lewisville Rd, Moncton, NB, E1A 6T1

  • Date: Saturday, February 20, 2021

  • Time: 9am – 6pm

  • Instructor: Anneke Russell

  • Course Rate: $549


  • 8 hours of in studio instruction  

  • Anatomy/Body mechanics – relation to pole dance and pole fitness

  • Safety and other issues specific to pole work: keeping your clients injury free

  • Complete breakdown of each move including proper technique and how to properly instruct each move

  • Modifications of each move, add‐ons, mini combos

  • How to keep more advanced students interested while not leaving less advanced ones behind

  • How to structure you classes (week to week as well as throughout the hour)

  • How to build routines and combos

  • Liability, Sign Up, Insurance Info and sample forms

  • Q & A

You will receive

  • A manual with instructional breakdowns of each move

  • A certification upon successful completion

  • Written Exam online with CPFA ($25 fee included)

  • Practical Exam to be submitted by video ($75 fee additional)

Prerequisites to attain final certification

  • Current First Aid/CPR, Fitness Theory Certificate or other fitness certification

  • Pass written and practical exam component


Important Info

  • Where: The Studio - Aerial Arts & Fitness

  • When: Sunday's,  March 7th - May 2nd, 4:30-6pm

  • Cost: $264.75 plus tax (members receive 15% discount ~ 225 plus tax)

  • Must be 18+


Course includes:

  • 8 1.5 hour classes developing your act

  • 1 virtual private with Destini

  • 1 performance in a private showcase  

What is Burlesque? Burlesque is a Low Brow theatre art, also known as the “Art of Tease”. There are many types/genres of Burlesque but they all share one commonality, satire. It's revealing, sexy but also comical.

In this 8 week course you will learn how to create an act for which you will showcase on stage.

We will be going over Character Development (Who is your character? Is it you? Another version of yourself or someone complete different)

We will be learning about musicality, determining moods/themes of different music (How does it make you feel, how can you portray a story without speaking and just using your facial expressions and body movement)

We will also be going over how to create a music map, essentially it’s the organization of your act. Choose a song, is it fast or slow, determine the mood and how it makes you feel? We will learn how to break down your song and determine which articles of clothing you will be removing. Why are you taking them off? What is the story behind your act??

Along with all of this, you will learn how to create/embellish a costume. Knowing how to sew is excellent for this however if you have a glue gun, you can make a lot happen with your costume as well.

In conclusion, this 8 week course will guide you from the beginnings of becoming a Burlesque performer to being on stage. This art form is both empowering and vulnerable. Your Vulnerability creates empowerment not only for you but for people watching as well. Get out of your comfort zone and join the journey that is Burlesque.  


Destini was born and raised in Saint John but left for nearly 10 years, where she not only learned a trade but she also learned a new art form as well. She has been performing and producing events in Toronto and wanted to bring more of these events here, to New Brunswick.  

She has been performing as Meme Belle, "The Musically Inspired Temptress", since 2017 and was Go-Go Dancing and performing Burlesque in various venues in Toronto. She has also successfully produced SOLD OUT shows in the core of the entertainment district. 

Her style is that of Classic/Neo Burlesque and her acts are heavily influenced by music or a particular song she can't quite get out of her head. 

She's been freestyle dancing since she was a little girl, has performed in theater in her late teens, Go-Go'd in her mid 20's and along with still being a Go-Go dancer she partakes in Burlesque as well. She has done Go-Go Dancing workshops as well as trained with BonBon Bombay, an international award winning performer from MTL.

As a teacher she is very motivating and she encourages everyone, of all shapes and sizes to enjoy their bodies and show them to the world, proudly. Burlesque is "The Art of Tease", it shows you vulnerability can be beautiful and sexy. With learning this art it teaches you how to confidentially take your time and be comfortable in your own skin. 

Throughout her classes you will learn how to move with the music, understand the use of props and engage in theater practices that help you evolve your performance. Whether you do this for yourself, your partner or a bigger audience, you will learn to move slowly, feel the music and how to confidentially do a strip tease.

This is a very body positive art which can be performed by anyone of any size, of any gender and enjoyed by those who can appreciate it.


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